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Rules for All Shooting Ranges

  • Anyone using the grounds MUST have a valid membership card in their possession.
  • Membership MUST be visibly displayed on outer garment while on the grounds.
  • Anyone entering the grounds without a valid membership is considered to be tresspassing and can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • NO alcoholic beverages allowed on the grounds.
  • Safety and sportsmen like conduct are considered a top priority at all times. Violation of this policy can result in revocation of membership with no refund.
  • Willful destruction of CSLC property will result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law possible and revocation of membership with no refund.
  • NO glass targets.
  • Paper targets on backboards only.
  • NO Shotgun patterning on backboards.
  • Remove any debris area after shooting.
  • No metallic targets closer than 100 yards unless designated by a match director or Board of Director’s approval.
  • Eye and ear protection are required on all ranges.
  • CSLC will not be responsible for any damages, either direct or inconsequential, that may occur as a result of any information presented in this publication; or any member using the facilities.
  • Special conditions for approved events may override this list with Board of Director’s approval.
  • Various ranges may be CLOSED to open shooting during scheduled matches.
  • Check the Schedule of Events for match dates, times, and location.
  • Trap and Skeet ranges are CLOSED during scheduled Hi-Power Rifle Silhouette matches.
  • Low-base shotgun shells ONLY on trap and skeet ranges.
  • Specific rules may apply at specific areas, rules will be posted as necessary.
  • Match directors will advise you of specific conditions for events.
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